The Deity Doctrines: A shadow of the past

Cave of heroes

New Heroes come together

Session 1: Cave of Heroes

A mismatch group of adventurers have been gathered by an entity who calls himself, Sherik Sheriph. Sherik got all 6 adventurers to go through a portal to place called the Cave of Heroes. Inside the Cave the found portraits of heroes from across time and all planes and realities. Under the portrait, is a list of the hero's deeds and their weapon they brought with them. Some portraits were still empty. Down the endless hallways, there were also items on the walls; weapons, items, orbs, clothing, shields, and various accessories. Each item is magically protected from being touched, and each item has a list of names under it. Each name is a hero who has used that weapon is some form or another, until they could use the item no longer. Once, the item is done being used by the hero, the item returns and heroes name is added to the list on the plaque under the item. 

Once in the cave of heroes, the adventures wind their further and further into the labyrinth. They came to the Arena, a place where each hero faces a challenge to test their worth. During their trial they had to fight the dangerous Gnomadillo!!! After a mighty struggle, they were able to vanquish the terrors that are the Gnomadillo. Once their trial was over, Sharik Sheriph gave them each an item from the cave, and opened a portal to start their adventure.  


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